Friday, May 14, 2010

Update 2.0

An update on my last two crazy weeks:

Lake Powell

Below are the few pictures I managed to snap with my camera phone. Remember how I need a digital camera? Yeah, still haven't bought one. I guess it isn't that high on my list. One thing about taking pictures is that you're always behind the camera instead of in front of it---good news.

My poppa catching a fish

Pretty largemouth bass

Bill hanging out

Randy silently fishing in back. If the fish didn't splash, you'd never know he caught anything. The rest of us yell, scream, and proclaim our greatness to the world whenever we reel something in.

This is now one of my favorite pictures. The two fishing pros---my dad and Bill---showing off their loot.

But it wasn't all fun and games. There was a lot of work to be done on the boat. Here are the guys working in the engine compartments. Why is everyone in the engine, you ask? Well, because of this....

We're sinking.

Here's the story: I went for a gorgeous run and came back with a bag of ice for our margaritas (priorities). Sheri then pronounced that we're sinking. I thought she was kidding. Not so much. I went to the back of the boat, snapped this picture of the engines, batteries, and generator submerged in water, and then I started bailing. Yes, bailing. With buckets. Meanwhile we were also hooking up electric water pumps. The picture above was taken after we had already set up a couple pumps---there was even more water before I got there.

Once we got all the water out the guys were able to determine the problem. When OffShore maintenance was replacing a seal, they didn't replace the rubber on seal or put the cap on correctly. On top of this, the bilge pump hose was off so it kept pumping water back into the engine compartments. Insanity. But the crises was averted and we've all lived to sail another day. Hurrah.

So after the long weekend, I am now back in the office. On a good note, I haven't had to play any soccer games this week. Yay! As for my round belly, boooooo.


I haven't had the chance to cook in a while, so last night I tried a new recipe. For some reason, I thought zucchini pancakes sounded good. I wasn't thinking straight at the time. The progression:

Food processor! I was able to score this from my mom.

Zucchini! The food processor rocks. I can't imagine grating all this by hand.

So, you're supposed to form the zucchini and spices into little patties, cover them with bread crumbs, and fry them up in olive oil. Sounds easy enough, right? The start of it seemed to go well.

And then this happened. Either my pan is misshapen or the stove is not level---probably both---because all the oil pooled to one side of the pan. So instead of frying the patties and cooking them throughout, the breading just stuck to the pan and burnt. Awesome.

The final result was edible but I also learned that I don't like zucchini that much. Too bad my roomie, Kyle, wasn't home. He usually gets a kick out of my cooking adventures. He laughs, cries, and then takes over because he can't watch anymore.

Finally, I had to post this picture because it cracks me up. (See the pun? Get it? I'm so witty.) It's an ad for a fitness company. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road Trip

I'm leaving town again. Hurrah!

My soul is permanently in Lake Powell. My body is going to meet up with it for a long weekend.

I can't wait. I'm literally giddy at work while trying to get something---anything---done. Besides, my white arse needs to see some sun!

Work on the houseboat some, get in a couple of *cold* ski runs, and fish even more. I love it.

Taking a fish off the line in Powell