Wednesday, April 13, 2011


From PhotoPreneur

I love motivational statements and quotes. I have a little binder of quotes that I started in high school. Although I haven't added to it in years, this is one thing I would grab if a fire raged through the house.

I recently found a short, motivational article online at Men's Health and loved it (thanks, Twitter). This gets my quote-book-stamp-of-approval. You'll have to read the whole article here, but these are my two favorite tips: 

6 Navy SEAL Tips to Achieve Mental Strength   

Control Your Emotions Physically 

"Ask a family member or friend to study your posture when you're happy or content. Then practice it, over and over. Your psyche will follow your body. You can literally control your emotions this way."   

Break Big Goals into Small Targets 

"How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. Don't wake up Monday morning and say, 'Four days and 16 hours till Friday.' Instead, wake up and say, 'Two hours till breakfast.' And then, 'Three hours till lunch.' Try to stay in the present."


I admit that I catch myself slouching. My physical actions can be disheartening and I can feel it everywhere.  

So, Claire, stand up straight! Take every day moment by moment! Smile! 


Sewing, Family, Friends

A lot has been going on these past few weeks, and I apologize for being MIA. (A constant apology.)

I often think that the things I do aren't exciting, until a few weeks go by and a number of pictures build up. So, I'll make this posting somewhat short and sweet.

First of all, sewing

(Between sewing and cooking, I may eventually become a "woman" rather than just a "tomboy.") 

Emily had an excellent idea last month to take a "Sewing 101" class at a downtown shop called the Fancy Tiger. Before this I had never touched a sewing machine in my life! I managed to get through the course without blowing anything up and I completed a small project. Emily and I are now determined to conquer the sewing world. I'm not nearly as good as Em at this point, but I did just complete my first at-home project! It took two days and thousands of times reseting the bobbin, but I completed it. The stitching is crooked and pooled up in places, but it's all a learning process, right? Right. Whew!

Sewing machine that I inherited from Amber

It's a purse organizer!

Rolled up neatly to fit in a purse

Second, family!

My family and I were finally able to get together for  a "Christmas in April" party. It was great to see everyone and exchange white-elephant gifts. I got some stellar water bottles (an item that I could never own enough of). Some pictures of my amazing fam:

We look amazing! I promised Amber that I'd post this picture online.

Christmas in April chaos

Ava helped with all the presents

Andrew already has his hands on a tool set. We're all doomed.

The guys with Lexi.

My mom, Alissa, and Peter

Aunt Debbie and Andrew

What a beautiful family! Jason, Katie, and Lexi

Evan and Nicole

Finally, friends!

A group of us went to see the Rapids' home opener. They are the 2010 defending MLS cup champs! I have to admit that I didn't watch a single game last year---not even the playoffs. I'm a terrible soccer fan. I love playing the game, but I don't like watching it much. I'd rather watch hockey. Anywhoo... it was a windy evening, but still gorgeous and fun!

I also got to see Sol and Daria the other day. I love having these handsome men in my life.

Hot dogs!

Gorgeous sunset

Daria and Soloman