Sunday, June 17, 2012


One of my primary goals when I moved to Chicago was to go sailing on Lake Michigan. I’m very happy to say that I scratched this off my list last Monday!

The experience was... AMAZING. The night couldn’t have been better! It was in the 80s with a breeze from the south. In our captain’s words, it was a “powder day” for sailing.

Our instructor's name was Captain Kirk (insert Star Trek joke here). He has been sailing since he was a boy and currently owns a sailboat with a partner. He spends his summers sailing on Lake Michigan and his winters being a ski bunny in Colorado. Must be nice! In any case, he was wonderful. His love and enthusiasm for being out on the water was contagious. We all got a chance at the helm and practice turns since sailing is really all about geometry.

I grew up with motorboats so the first thing I noticed once we turned off the engine was the silence. It is just you and the boat gracefully cutting through the water. Absolutely beautiful.

We were also blessed with an incredible sunset. One of the best I’ve seen in Chicago! I grabbed a million pictures, but below are just a few.

Sailing is expensive. Very expensive. When I saw the Groupon for sailing lessons over the winter I jumped on it. I’d love, love, love to get out on the water again, but at $250+/lesson I think I’ll be waiting a while. Where’s that money tree? Or money mast, perhaps.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Haircut

I’ve blogged before about hair. Women and their hair is a very important subject.

I have been growing my hair 
out for the last two years to the point that it was longer than I’ve ever had it before. For a while, it was a lot of fun! I felt flirty and feminine. There's nothing better than that sassy little flip of your hair. However, with the hot and humid Chicago summers I found myself pulling it back every day---especially after my 5 am workouts. The last thing I wanted to do then was spend a half hour drying and straightening my hair.

So I chopped my hair and dyed it blonde! The hairstylist took off 11-inches and I will be donating it. Though it is a little weird to be carrying around a chunk of hair in my purse...

Everyone loooooves new my hair. All my coworkers have consistently told me all week how great it looks. How it fits me so well. How chic it is. Hurrah! Except that with all this praise, a little part of me wonders, Did I look that bad before? Was I frumpy and no one said anything?

On the other hand, there are numerous reports, studies, and even hotly-contested debates about how “prettier” women consistently earn more than their “plain” counterparts. New question (filled with vanity and greed): Will I receive a significant raise soon?

The front

The back

Out for drinks with my old friend, Brian (aka Teammate)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Weekend in Colorado

For my birthday, I went back to Colorado for a long weekend. I was really nervous about going back. I hadn’t been in Colorado for about six months---since Christmas---and I struggled during some of my earlier visits.

However, this trip was 110% amazing! It was a perfect mix of friends, family, food, and fishing. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Andrew and I had a great time together. Because much of our relationship is long distance, I'm always nervous about spending so much time with one another in such a short time. Will we kill each other? Will we find out about some horrible habit that is suddenly unforgivable? This hasn't happened yet, thank goodness!

In classic iPhone Picture Diary form, below are a few captures from my weekend.

A classic Colorado sunset from Coors field. The Rockies won against the Dodgers!
Andrew made marinated london broil, grilled asparagus, and mashed potatoes.  Yuuuuummmm. 
My contribution was a quick and easy Pinterest recipe

Here's our view of a big summer storm rolling through Boulder.
I learned the hard way about how a red-head handles, or doesn't handle, the sun. Our cloudless 90-degree day was perfect for fishing but hard on Andrew. I think we'll have you buy some of that crazy safari/desert gear next time I drag him out with me! Poor guy... I felt terrible for him.
Despite torture by sunshine, Andrew sent me flowers for my birthday! It was a gorgeous arrangement of tulips and irises. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I recently moved. I am now living in the Bucktown/Logan Square neighborhoods of Chicago rather than downtown.

I’m excited to explore a new part of the city. Since I both lived and worked downtown, I was not venturing out much. I wanted get to know Chicago but all I knew was my walk to work---by heart. The new adventure will be fun!

A downside to moving is that felt like I had finally formed my new life at the old apartment. I had nearby friends that I could easily grab for a cup of coffee or even a long run. While they’ll still be my friends, of course, the ease of living nearby is gone.

Also, my new room has a loft in it. A loft! My first reaction was, “That’s totally sweet!” but then comes my second reaction: “Oh my goodness. I am a professional woman and I am living in a loft. I have a degree and I’m gainfully employed and I have been on my own for ages and this is what I have to show for it? A loft?! I’m regressing back to college. My life is over.” 

A little irrational, I realize. Moving is hard on everyone.

Before shot - with my bed up in the loft. I felt like I lived above a giant walk-in closet.
After shot - the next day I immediately brought my bed down. Much better.