Friday, October 28, 2011

40 Days


I have often considered myself as a highly motivated person. I work hard, I exercise, and I try to take care of my family and friendships.

I was even motivated enough to pick up and move to Chicago. I needed a change in my life—and so I made it happen.

That’s how everything should work. You want something? Make it happen.

But now that I’m in Chicago and happy, I’ve kinda let go of everything else. I obsessively watched my diet back in Colorado, so I don’t need to do that here, right? I don’t need to run or lift because I’ll just naturally keep my figure through happiness, right?


I’ve been unhealthy since I moved. I thought I could beat the Midwest diet, but apparently I’m human. Being human sucks.

So, I’m vowing to put myself back on track. For 40 days and 40 nights, I want to make every choice a healthy choice. Snack nuts at work? No thanks. That candy bar? Nuh uh. And I for sure don’t need any more hamburgers. I also plan to work out every day. Even if it’s a short yoga video at home.

Just worry about TODAY. Make every day the best. Then smile.