Friday, May 13, 2011


I've announced the news everywhere---at work, to my friends and family, on Facebook, on Twitter, and to my new account on Tumblr.

I just haven't announced it here. Without further ado:

I'm picking up and moving to Chicago. My last day of work is June 24th and I hope to be "shipping out" soon after.

I already have a place lined up that is directly downtown (and cheaper than what I currently pay in Boulder) and two awesome roommates.

Basically, I'm thrilled! I can't wait to go. I want to go now. Right... now.

I'm unsure how much I will continue to post to this blog. Obviously I haven't kept up with it lately as I should. Maybe I'll chronicle my move on here? Or, maybe I'll just keep the excitement to myself. :)

Most of my time lately has been devoted to my Tumblr account:

I’ve realized that, for the moment, Tumblr suits me much better. I can quickly and easily post the random pictures, articles, quotes, and videos that make me laugh or think.

Even better, I don’t have to write something interesting and profound with every post (as I feel I have to do here). Sometimes things speak for themselves. Sometimes they need a little help.

No matter what, I’m excited to keep sharing things with you, dear, dear reader. (All 2 1/2 of you.)