Monday, October 8, 2012

Post-Marathon Thoughts

Well, I'm alive. Barely.

So, the race didn't go very well. Turns out that you have to actually train for a marathon. In my two marathons, I've now made every rookie and veteran mistake imaginable.

1.) Rookie mistake: I trained well but went out way too fast and bombed at the end of the race.
2.) Veteran mistake: I figured I had this whole marathon thing down and didn't train---like, at all.

Wisconsin marathon time (5/5/12): 4:24:46
Chicago marathon time (10/7/12): 5:19:29

Almost an hour slower. Wow.

I'm disappointed. I'm not happy with my time but I have to admit that this was a very humbling experience. Turns out that if you want to do well, you have to actually train for it. It's a good metaphor for life.

I kind of scoffed at the "slower" runners before. But now I know: Every mile is a battle, whether or not you're fast or slow. In fact, I'm now a firm believer that slow runners have to fight for longer and are therefore stronger people.

Despite my time, I still had fun! My 5 goals remained in my head and I have to admit that they got me through the race. I really enjoyed the course and I made sure to keep my head up and enjoy the crowds and the energy of it. Chicago really is a great city and the marathon highlighted the best parts of it!

My two favorite signs seen on the race course:

1.) Do Epic Shit
2.) You've been training for this longer than Kim Kardashian was married

So, I'm going to learn a few lessons, pick my head up, and keep going. Marathons take guts and commitment and pride. And so, I'm proud of myself.

Sean and I on race morning! 
Blisters after the race
Post-race Chinese food!

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