Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I Like

I recently saw a friend post a long list of things he liked. This friend typically complains or is upset in his posts, so it was nice to see something different. But most importantly, I learned more about him in that short list than in the years I had known him.

So, in ode to my friend, here's a list of things I like:

I like warm rains in Chicago. I like the wind. I like long walks in fresh air. I like text messages. I like laughing. I like it when I work really hard at something and am recognized for it. I like sports. I like sitting next to a field and watching random people play a game on a nice afternoon. I like fishing. I like reading. I love Lake Powell. I like water. I like lazy Sunday mornings where you can play oldies on the radio and dance in the kitchen. I like taking risks. I like hiking. I like being alone. I like the feeling when airplanes take off and land, and even when there's turbulence (otherwise flights are boring as hell). I like people-watching on the train. I like to screen calls—it makes me feel important. I like planning, even for things that will never happen. I like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (Pinterest is still growing on me). I like it when my boyfriend says the full "I love you" rather than just "love you."(Speaking of the bf, I just screened his call. Ha!) I like freaking out sometimes because it means that I care. I like my family. I like my friends. I like shopping for workout clothes. I like pedicures. I like cars. I like motorcycles. I like my bicycle. I like the color green. I like my eyes.

I could go on and on, but that's a good list for now. This little exercise has made me smile, and I like smiling to myself.

I also like snowflakes. Tiffany's anyone?

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