Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pre-Marathon Thoughts

The Chicago Marathon is tomorrow. Wow. Wow.

I have not been looking forward to this marathon. My summer training, in one word, sucked. The heat and humidity really bothered me and I am going into this undertrained.

But I got excited for the race yesterday. Really excited. All of my friends were asking about it. My office even put together and signed a good luck card for me! I was so amazed and flattered by their support.

My first marathon (the Wisconsin Marathon in May) was small. I was running with only a handful of people for a lot of it. But Chicago? The Chicago Marathon is huge. And I'm learning that the whole city gets behind you! Everyone comes out and watches it. My friends who aren't running the race will be making signs and following my progress with some pretty cool racing apps (check out RacerChaser).

So, yes, I'm getting excited. Finally.

I went to a talk about last-minute marathon tips. Coach Mark said to come up with 5 goals---even if one of the goals is getting to the start line. So, Coach Mark, here are my 5 marathon goals:

1. Get to the starting line
2. Get to mile 5
3. Get to mile 13
4. Don't worry about the time. Run/walk as I see fit. No watches.
5. Head up. Smile. Enjoy it.

Chicago, I heart you. See y'all out there!

Race bib
Good luck card from my company! I love my job!

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