Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bet

I recently got a free health screening at work and they sent me a 32-page “heath profile.” Although most of the blood work results were mumbo jumbo to me, the profile was still able to peg me pretty well.
Area of Interest: Nutrition

Generally, I’m healthy but I need to work on my nutrition.

No surprise there. I’ve known this for a while. I try to eat better each and every day. I pack my lunch for work almost every morning and I try not to keep ice cream in the house. However, if I have a craving or see any stray cookies in the office then GAME. OVER.

Packed lunch. This little lunch bag is the best thing I've ever bought. Ever.
Considering how much I work out, I should be a lot skinnier than I am. And this is not a woe-is-me statement nor am I fishing for compliments. I’m saying the truth; looking from the outside in. I need to build muscle and lose fat.

So, my sister-in-law and I---via text message---started a bet. The terms are:
  • We both have to lose 20 pounds by Christmas (which is about 17-weeks away, calculating to a little over a pound a week)
  • On the line is $250. Whoever doesn’t lose the weight has to pay the other person $250
This sounds impulsive, but it is all very strategic. Here’s our thinking:
  • $250 is enough money to be damn good motivation. We can both afford to lose it, but not without a fight!!
  • We are both good with our workouts, but where we fail is our diets. So, the goals are to focus on good dieting, calorie control, and clean eating while still working out
  • We are both competitive. Very competitive
Everyone talks about clean eating. It shouldn’t be so hard, right? Right? Well, three days into the diet we have both been fighting headaches. I feel like I'm having a harder time than she is. Not fair! Processed food is an addiction, y’all!!! An addiction!!

And, to be honest, I’m really struggling this morning. I’m hungry. I want white flour. And salt.

But instead I’m going to eat my oatmeal with chia seeds and strawberries (really yummy, actually!), drink my green tea, and continue to repeat this mantra: $250. $250. $250. $250. $250.

Whole Foods salad for dinner last night

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