Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review: The Chosen Series

I recently read books 1-3 of The Chosen Series by Denise Grover Swank. They were recommended to me by as a fun and quick read. But the real reason I picked them up is because my brother was reading them. He rarely, if ever, reads. Naturally I had to find out what captured his attention!

The books are titled Chosen, Hunted, and Sacrifice.

Basically, the stories follow Emma, her son Jake, and the man who soon fills their life, Will. I don’t want to give too much away, but in a very basic summary they are seemingly every-day humans who become caught up in an centuries-old elemental battle.

I really like the character development---Will is a lot more interesting than Emma---and the overall storyline. Authors, take note: If you want to win me over then have solid character development. I want to practically see each character front of me! I want to know what they look like, how they move, how they act, how they think---and, most importantly, how I can relate to them.

Back to the series. The elemental part is also an interesting take on things. It’s a fantasy without moving into a new world. The books are a fast read, filled with action, and they keep you hanging over a cliff and clamoring on to the next title.

That said, the imagination does fall flat with all the get-away scenes. I mean, really, how many car chases can there be? I swear there’s one every chapter. The author tried to break things up and throw in an airplane getaway, but that was too much of a stretch.

Book four, titled Redemption, is not out yet, which is good and bad. I’d like to keep reading but stepping away from the series is nice too. Sometimes you need a breather from even the good things.

My overall take is that The Chosen series is a quick and fun read. When you start, be sure to have books two and three next to you because this author rocks at making you want to jump through the series!

I leave for Lake Powell in a week, so I hope to be able to conquer a few books while I’m out there. Reviews will come.

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